my eczema story

I have always had eczema––in fact, the immune conundrum trifecta: eczema, asthma and allergies. I have crazy high histamine levels, I have no obvious allergies other than nickel and a few other metals and otherwise I am completely and incredibly healthy. This is just one of those things that makes me unique.

Something about the way postpartum hormones affect my body, cause a total body flare of this disease. Both times it peaked around the six month mark, covering my body nearly completely with itchy, raw patches of atopic dermatitis, with no obvious cause or trigger. Just seemingly appearing from the inside out.

In 2015, I combatted this flare with a lifestyle and diet overhaul, trading stress for sleep and the standard American Diet with paleo. You can read more about that season of my healing in these posts:

In 2017, I was 6 months postpartum with my second child when the flares started again and quickly took over my body, but this time with nerve and joint pain. I was nearly immobile by the winter of 2018 and reluctantly decided to try a new biologic on the market. Much to my surprise, it worked miraculously. Within two weeks, I was nearly completely healed and had full function of both hands and arms– allowing me to be fully and completely present for my daughter’s first year. You can read more about that season here:

My blog is truly, just a fun space for me to unwind and be me, and eczema is part of me. I am very sensitive to those that are suffering in the same way that I have and occasionally still do because of this condition, and I try to share lifestyle tips and products that have helped me along the way.

I do not desire to profit off of anyone else’s pain. I recommend products solely because they have been helpful to me. I am open to partnerships, but if it is related to products I will use it for a period of time to make sure I actually can endorse it ethically. I have been using cosmetics and skincare by Beautycounter (and a few other brands) since 2016 and I am a consultant. If you’d like to learn more about Beautycounter, check out my page on skincare.