meet Kellie

I’m Kellie.
I’m a birth photographer. 
I’m a doula in training.
I’m a writer. I’m a teacher. 
I’m a wife. I’m a mom. 
I’m an eczema warrior.
I’m an advocate for women.
I’m a leader. I’m a follower. 
I’m an adventurer. I’m a questioner. 

I’m happy you’re here.
We are handpicked. 

The days are long and the years are short, am I right? If you’re in labor or waiting on a baby the same can be said for minutes and hours. Eternal minutes, quick hours. Lifetime days, lightning  fast months. Throw in sleep deprivation, oxytocin and some lukewarm coffee and you’ve got yourself quite a blur. A beautiful, fast and messy blur that you want to remember and relive for your entire lifetime. You were made for this, and you’re doing it. YOU’RE REALLY DOING IT!  

When I’m not shooting births you can find me in my natural introvert habitat: at home. I find I am the most productive after an Americano with two pumps of hazelnut. No hazelnut, no productivity.  I love to read, write, cook and sing and am embracing my place in the Hufflepuff house. 

My favorite color is all colors, I listen to a lot of podcasts at 1.5x speed. I’m a freelance Spanish teacher, manage severe eczema by eating brussel sprouts for breakfast regularly (among other things), and have a hard time sitting still. I love words and use them excessively.

I don’t like labels, and am still questioning my Enneagram number (classic 4) and if I didn’t have the most sensitive skin on the planet I’d have a lot more tattoos and blue hair. I want to live for a very long time and have all my kids and their kids and their kids come over for pizza every Friday night.

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way…

What’s ‘handpicked’?

I started a humble little blog in 2006. Later, I adopted the name We Are Handpicked for it, after my now-husband-then-boyfriend said something about us being handpicked for each other. That’s another story in itself, but I thought the phrase was fitting for our life’s blog.

I spend a lot of time trying to find myself and my purpose in life and it helps me to repeat that I was handpicked for this. This day, this time, this family, this relationship, these kids. Nothing’s a coincidence, nothing is wasted– we are handpicked. The present tense are, reminds me that we are presently, in this moment picked for it. Not that I was, but I am. Not that we were, we are. It’s present, live, active and happening! The handpickedness of it all. We are handpicked. 

I’ve maintained and curated this little corner of the internet in each season of my life, striving for it to reflect who I was at the time and what I was doing. It was a place to keep track of random thoughts, funny stories, recipes I wanted to remember and pretty pictures. Over the years this little blog has morphed and changed, the most profound changes happening since I became a mom. The same could be said for me, too.

Most of what I do now is birth photography, you can read about that here. I blog here and often take other kinds of pictures, so contact me here and we’ll stay home, go outside, or find some other place to make some magic.