I’m home. I had no delays (I actually was thirty minutes early) and three really smooth flights. And I am home.


Here’s my flight info: Thu, Dec 20, 2007Departs 7:05am, Arrives 8:05amIberia 365Alicante, Spain to Madrid, Spain Thu, Dec 20, 2007Departs 12:45pm, Arrives 3:30pmUS Airways 741Madrid, Spain to Philadelphia, PA Thu, Dec 20, 2007Departs 6:20pm, Arrives 8:03pmUS Airways 707Philadelphia, PA to Raleigh/Durham, NC And I just finished my last exam. I’m on the wayyyyyyyy.

My man is a genius.

So this new pretty blog layout is the html genius work of my boyfriend. Who also made himself a freaking sweet html layout on his blog. You may think that’s dorky. I think it’s genius. And also, very pretty. Tomorrow is my last day in Alicante.Everyone is sad. Except for me.There’s another bus strike and…

La familia Loca

The latest hilariousness from my Spain family.The conversation started with Animal noises…the rooster actually (who does not cockadoodledoo in Spain. he makes another noise that I don’t know how to spell). Paco then all of a sudden does this AMAZING donkey noise that had to be recorded. Then everyone goes around the table doing their…

Last Weekend in Alicante

It is Sunday. I am coming home Thursday. YESYESYESYESYSEYESYESYESYESYES.This last weekend has been pretty good. I had a quick brush with the law, stayed out until 8am and watched a sunrise on Alicante Beach. Okay, actually I was walking by the railroad tracks and got threatened with a 3,000€ fine and jail for doing so….


I’m checkin weather in every city I’m flying through.The 10 day forecast for Philly said there’s supposed to be snow on Thursday but I’m prayyyyying for no delays. A week. Tonight after film we’re going back to pizza hut (seriously, greatest pizza ever) and then it’s the last weekend in Alicante.Praise the Lord. I can’t…

9 days and $150

Hello single digits. Today at 11 (instead of Camino class, woo!) we had a little festival thing with the Spanish students to kind of wrap up the program. It was really fun, the Grammar and Coloquial classes put together little skits in Spanish making fun of the Spanish culture. So hilarious. Basically the major things…

Psalm 37:4

God is faithful. I see this mostly when I am not.His timing is good.


I think more than anything, this semester has been a small glimpse of the “real world”. High school was not, and Meredith College is certainly not anything like what I’ve experienced in these past three months. The Lord has taught me so much. I’m probably only realizing a small fraction of the work he’s done…