Branch Basics // Cleaning With Eczema

When you have eczema, finding cleaning products you can use is hard. Not only is my skin super sensitive, but I am super sensitive to fragrances (even essential oils) and get headaches easily. Even natural cleaners like Young Living’s Thieves Cleaner often trigger a migraine for me and literally burn my hands.

Truthfully, water in general can be a big trigger for flares for me. If it’s too hot or I spend too much time in it it can set off a flare or dry my skin out starting the cycle. It’s one of those things about my condition that I often don’t think about anymore because it’s become our “normal”. Showering, bathing the kids, going to the pool… all of these things are kind of risky for people like me. And when you factor in maintaining cleanliness in the home it’s a lot.

When my first big flare happened in 2015, I naturally handed off the cleaning duties to my husband, but once I was better and could tolerate putting my hands in water, I really wanted to be able to clean my house without devastating the skin on my hands requiring literal weeks of hand rehab on my hands (hand rehab: cotton gloves + shea butter + jojoba oil for hours a day and while sleeping at night)

Over the last few years we’ve settled on mostly using vinegar + water or Seventh Generation cleaning products and laundry detergent (which I still recommend, if you’re looking for a safe Target-available option for your family, although eczema peeps could be triggered by one of the preservatives), until a few weeks ago when we got our Branch Basics starter kit + Oxygen Boost and it changed everything.

The Branch Basics starter kit includes:

  • 33 oz. Concentrate
  • 3 empty 24 oz. spray bottles (for All-Purpose Cleaner, Bathroom Cleaner, Streak-Free Glass Cleaner)
  • 10 oz. Foaming Wash Bottle (for handwashing, face washing or dishes!)
  • 32 oz. Laundry Bottle
  • 2 lb. Oxygen Boost Powder


Purified Water, Coco Glucoside (Sugar-Based Cleanser), Organic Chamomilla Recutita (Chamomile) Flower Extract, Decyl Glucoside (Sugar-Based Cleanser), Sodium Citrate (Food-Grade Emulsifier), Lauryl Glucoside (Sugar-Based Cleanser), Sodium Bicarbonate (Food-Grade Baking Soda), Sodium Phytate (Plant-Based Antioxidant)

HOLY CRAP you guys, this is the best cleaner we have ever used EVER.

It’s a concentrate that you mix with different amounts of water to create everything you need: hand soap, laundry detergent, all-purpose spray, bathroom cleaner, ALL OF IT. It literally smells like nothing and best of all IT DOESN’T BURN MY HANDS 💃🎉🎊 I can wash my hands with the hand soap, scrub the counters, treat stains on my kids’ clothes and GO ABOUT MY LIFE LIKE A(N ALMOST) NORMAL PERSON.

Second best of all, it PERFORMS WELL. We can spray the stove and then wipe off the grime with a paper towel and without excessive scrubbing. This does not happen with Seventh Generation or vinegar and water. You have to employ the elbow grease to make a dent.

If you’re looking like a safe, fragrance-less option this will be your jam. Every purchase gives you your own referral link, so if you want to give it a try use mine for $10 off everything (except trial kit). And then you’ll get your own code to share with YOUR friends!

Cost effective ✓
Free of fragrance ✓
Gentle on skin ✓
Environmentally friendly ✓
Husband approved ✓
Actually cleans ✓
Woman owned and operated business ✓

All the wins!

Happy cleaning, eczema warriors! 🧼

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