March Forth: Why I Became a Beautycounter Consultant and Why I Still Am

I don’t share a ton about Beautycounter on social media, but I have been a consultant for over a year now and a faithful customer for three years. This is a big week for the company, March 4th (March FORTH!) is the company’s birthday and for this ENTIRE WEEK they are onboarding new consultants for FREE. If you’ve used the products and you’re interested in getting products that you love at a discounted rate OR you want to take a bigger stance in the fight for clean beauty this is your moment.

The first and very practical reason I became a consultant was because of the discount. Consultants get a 25% product discount which for me, is worth the small annual fee to maintain my status as a consultant. I love the products (more on that in a minute) and am always down for trying to find the cheapest way to get things that I love. I was a Band of Beauty member for a year which gave me periodic product credit from previous purchases, but I found the consultant discount to be a better ROI.

The reason I renewed my consultant status last summer was because I made incredible profit, just from sharing what products I like with people in real life. I do not share constantly on Instagram, but people know my history with eczema and sensitive skin and reach out often about suggestions. In 2019 I made over $1,000 in profit which was INCREDIBLY helpful to my family (hello, swim lessons) and my blog and photography business, and honestly an incredible return on investment considering I literally do not try. The last three years have not been the time for me to really “do the business” and onboard consultants under me, which is why it’s been such a gift and has fit very well into that season. Now that seasons are shifting for me and I’m letting go of other commitments, I am totally in a place now where I can help others starting the consultant journey, and now that I’ve done it myself for a year I can actually offer real life experience.

As a lifelong sufferer of eczema I have always used “clean” products that were fragrance free and free of many irritants so when I had my first big eczema flare in 2014 was at a complete loss. I went on a deep dive into all the products I was using on my body, got a little misled and played by Honest Company (#neverforget) and lost a lot of faith in products in general. I literally made my own shampoo, soap, lotion, toner for over a year as if I were a mad scientist with various oils (some essential, some for cooking) and other materials.

It wasn’t until almost two years later when I was ready to wear make up again and was on the hunt for a natural mascara that I heard of Beautycounter. I started with the mascara and then tried their Nourishing line, which then lead to the CounterMatch Line and now I use a fun combination of products from each of those and the some from their newest age reversing line CounterTime.

Part of what fired me up about this company is the legislative work they do. Their mission is to get safer skincare into the hands of everyone and do this behind the scenes in D.C., too. It’s not just about turning a profit. Since their work began in 2013, and even since I became aware of them in 2016 the availability of safer brands in stores and in the form of other online companies has EXPLODED making safe products accessible to people all walks of life. And we’re just getting started.

If you’re considering becoming a consultant– don’t do it without talking to me first! Email or DM me (call or text me if you know me in real life), and we’ll talk about the specifics. What a time to be alive, ladies! Let’s go.

Beautycounter is a clean beauty brand that has been leading the way in clean beauty since founder Gregg Renfrew opened the company in 2013. In 2014, Renfrew hired public health and environmental advocate Lindsay Dahl to lead company advocacy and lobbying efforts to reduce harmful chemicals used in the cosmetic industry. Renfrew and Beautycounter hosted a Congressional Briefing in Washington, D.C. in fall 2015 to bring to light the hidden dangers of currently under-regulated beauty products. In May 2016, Renfrew returned to Washington with a group of 100 women representing all 50 states to discuss the importance of regulation in the beauty industry with senators, representatives and legislative staff which has become an annual event. Most recently, Gregg Renfew’s crew has helped push through H.R 5017 the Natural Cosmetics Act which will help DEFINE “natural” to help get rid of misleading packaging and advertising for companies that are currently marketing unsafe products as “natural”. Read more about that here:

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