I am slowly breathing life back into this space and honestly, this book I’m reading right now has been a major catalyst. I have been borderline obsessed with the topic of calling and how it intersects with motherhood, career and identity for years and this book has been permission for me to strive ceasing and trust the process. My impact is not up to me!

I’ve always identified as a leader. From a young age, I was known as being kind of bossy (slight eyeroll) and quick to take charge. That has continued into adulthood, for sure, although a somewhat rocky start to motherhood definitely took my confidence down a few notches. Over the last few years I’ve been re-learning how to lead at church, which has been a different environment from women’s college student government and being a teacher-leader in schools largely dominated by women. It’s been a challenge, and my first experience leading at a high level in ministry, but this book has really helped me see how much God has taught me through these challenges and how it is preparing me for what has been prepared for me. Nothing is wasted, truly.

I just finished the chapter on Calling and Seasons of Life and I am so encouraged. I am currently in the in-between. My youngest is blossoming into threenager before my eyes and my oldest is months away from starting kindergarten. I grieved, heavily, the loss of the days of pregnancy, breastfeeding, babywearing, highchair, crib sheets, burp cloths, where’s the paci? but I can completely authentically say that I am excited for the next–– because of this book. I feel renewed and expectant and thankful that I am only thirty two and I actually haven’t peaked. This is just the beginning of a life of leading and empowering women to do the same!

Angie and I go way back to my teenage years. She and her husband pastored a small church plant in South Durham when I was in high school. It was a difficult season for our family, but a special one. My dad connected with her husband and accepted Christ and was baptized. I actually met Marshall in that season, and it was my first time actively being part of a church as a volunteer. I look back on that season so fondly. It was such an earnest, unpolished church filled with real people who desperately wanted to encounter God, and even though it didn’t stay together for the long run, truly nothing is wasted. Sometimes I wonder if it existed just for me in that time. Without it, nothing in my life would be the same.

Because I love this book SO much, I am giving away TWO copies on Instagram. To enter, share the post to your Instagram stories, making sure you’re following @kelliechaney, @iamleaderbook and @indyaward and comment on the post, tagging a friend who will receive the second copy!

This giveaway is in no way affiliated with Instagram, Navpress or Angie–– I legit love this book and believe God has ordained two special women to receive this message. Read more about it at

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