Third of July

Tonight we had the opportunity to go to our town’s annual Fourth of July celebration that happens on the third. I kind of love that they do it not actually on the Fourth. I’m all for dragging out a holiday and getting a little pre-party in. It was truly all the things I love, and a true sign of the times when it comes to our age because we just raved and raved about how awesome parking was and how well organized the event was. I also loved that the Mayor sang Happy Birthday to America. Just, this sweet town. How is it still so sweet?!

I tried my hardest to force naps for both of the kiddos, but only the youngest obliged. I even laid in bed with the big one and rubbed his back for seven eternities but he wouldn’t relinquish control over his eyelids and was a total joy (SARCASM) by 5:45PM per usual. Twos were not terrible, Threes were pretty awful and Fours have been incredible, both at their peaks and rock bottom. The highs are interstellar and the lows are the magma center of the earth where everything goes to die. That’s how I feel about age 4.

The hottest topic in our home yesterday (or the last two years?) was “When is Em going to poop?” and we basically pre-cided it would happen at the festival when we decided to put her in a Pull Up. That was some second kid potty training hazing, I am extremely thankful I had the foresight to grab a second thing of wipes and a change of clothes on a whim. Some of her worst work yet.

I had this weird thought while we were camped out in our bag chairs, watching the symphony. I let my mind wander a little and I found myself making a plan for if there was an active shooter. It would have been really easy for a bad guy to wreak some havoc. It was the most relaxed event I’ve been to in my adult life… bags, coolers, chairs, food, etc. were encouraged. Part of me wonders if it was some residual postpartum anxiety in my head, but also I think this is just our life now. I was comforted by the extreme presence of law enforcement around the perimeter and patrolling the event, and all remained quiet throughout the evening, except for the incredible NC Symphony performance and an epic fireworks show.

Sweet, America. I really do believe in you. It hasn’t been a perfect story, and mistakes were made along the way, but I really believe we’ve come a long way. As we know better, we do better. The injustices around me weigh on my heart, and I hope the part I’m doing is making a difference. I believe that someday people of all colors will be comforted by the presence of law enforcement and I believe we’ll find a long term solution to the border crisis. If there’s anything that our country’s history has taught me is the the American people don’t settle– and haven’t from the get-go. This nation born from rebellion doesn’t do it all right at first, but we’ll get there and we’ll stay there. I have to believe.

There’s no place I’d rather raise my kids. For the record, wouldn’t say ‘no’ to annual extended vacations in Costa Rica, though. Happy Birthday, America.

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