Emmeline Joy’s Nursery

My baby girl will be two in less than two months (how?!) and I realized I have yet to share her nursery here on the blog. We are in early preparations of getting ready to move her to a big girl bed so I needed to document the baby room and the heart behind it before it’s gone!

Once I knew what the feel was, her room was so fun to assemble. This room had been Lincoln’s room as a baby, and we didn’t want to repaint the walls so figuring out a new color scheme that coordinated was tricky for me. We got some really cheap five gallon tubs of this blue gray “oops” paint several years ago and it served us well. Both kids rooms and the playroom are this color and it’s the perfect non neutral neutral. Read a letter to Lincoln about his first room here.

During my pregnancy, I had a hard time getting inspired for her room. We had a dresser we moved in there that had been mine and I had painted green some years earlier, and some other random hodge podge things but I hadn’t really found a feeling that I wanted to curate in there. So much of decorating for me is about the feel of the space, usually with little nostalgic meaningful details tucked in (hi, I’m a 4). Not long after we found out she was Emmeline we found this cactus watercolor painting at Hobby Lobby and my inspiration wheels started turning…

One of my favorite songs by Rend Collective for years has been Desert Soul from their Campfire album… I’m just captivated by the imagery and metaphor of the desert in the spiritual sense. Most of the first year after Lincoln was born really felt like a desert to me. I went through a lot that year with eczema, postpartum depression and anxiety, general postpartum and breastfeeding struggles and adjusting to being a mom. It was a really hard year, but when it was over? Wow. So much growth. So much revelation. So much insight. Every time I looked at that cactus painting I was just reminded of so much beauty in the desert. I also wanted green to be the main color– reminded me of growth! new life! And I wanted some pink pops in there because baby girl. It was just right. Cactuses it was.

The month that I got pregnant with Lincoln, Rend Collective released an album “Art of Celebration” and I was obsessed with the first song, Joy. During his pregnancy we knew that if he were a girl he’d be Emmeline Joy and I listened to that song on repeat. Obviously, he was a boy but looking back I love that God planted that little love and desire for Emmeline in my heart then. During my pregnancy with her, that became my theme song. It was upbeat and didn’t get me in my feels, but the lyrics kept me centered and I knew that no matter what and how my pregnancy and delivery went, I could choose joy. We listened to “Emmeline’s song” in the car over and over during my pregnancy (Lincoln called it joy joy) and in the birth center after she was born, we snuggled in bed and listened to it. I still listen to it from time to time and it just puts things back into perspective for me. Here are all the lyrics– I love them!

We’re choosing celebration, breaking into freedom
You’re the song, you’re the song of our hearts

We cast aside our shadows, trust You with our sorrows
You’re the song, you’re the song of our hearts

We’re dancing to the rhythm of Your heart
We’re rising from the ashes to the stars

You’re the joy joy joy lighting my soul
The joy joy joy making me whole
Though I’m broken, I am running into Your arms of love

The pain will not define us
Joy will reignite us
You’re the song, you’re the song of our hearts

The dark is just a canvas for Your grace and brightness
You’re the song, you’re the song of our hearts

We’re dancing to the rhythm of Your heart
We’re rising from the ashes to the stars

You’re the joy, the song in my heart, the hope of my soul
In the shadows, in the sorrows, in the desert
When the pain hits, you are constant ever-present you’re the song of my heart

My goal was to somehow get the words onto a canvas or print in there but it hasn’t happened yet. I have an idea for a hanging scroll, but I’ll need to work on the idea a bit.

As for the room… it’s just been so fun. We barely spent any money getting things ready. Other than the cactus canvas, we just bought a new cover for the POÄNG chair and ottoman, everything else was repurposed or a gift to us. It’s evolved a little as she’s gotten bigger and baby dolls and books have become part of our life. I love this room, and while I’m sad that our baby days are ending I look forward to what is to come– and I hope it includes lots and lots of sleep.

Crib: Ikea // SUNDVIK
Chair: Ikea // POÄNG
Dresser + End Table: DIY Handmedown
Mirror: Ikea // old, discontinued
Spice Shelves: IKEA // BEKVÄM
Floating Shelves: Ikea // EKBY JÄRPEN / EKBY BJÄRNUM
Dollhouse Shelf: Ikea // FLISAT

And here’s the last two years in that room in photos. First smiles, first steps, one hundred million diapers changed, that time she pooped on the wall (not pictured, unfortunately). Enjoy!

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