Judah | In Home Newborn


The day after Judah was home I invited myself over for a little in-home session to get some photos of the sweet trio (+ kitty) in the comfort of their home. My sister is a NICU nurse and she tells me stories a lot about NICU families, and I can imagine while you’re super thankful for the awesome care your baby is getting (and the support you’re getting from nurses!) you also just wish you were at home having that normal newborn eat-play-poop-sleep-poop-eat-repeat routine. I loved seeing Judah’s sweet nursery and chatting with Serena and Lathan about life and ministry and how they ended up in North Carolina (and are now in California!). They are such a strong couple and honestly are total naturals at the parenting thing. I cannot get enough of newborn sessions, guys. Their rolls, squishy cheeks, funny faces and noises. Their crazy dinosaur hands and the yawns. THE YAWNS. This guy was especially chubby and wonderful.

20180803_Judah At Home 53


Oh Serena and Lathan — thank you for having me and while I’m sad our time together was short, I’ll carry your friendship with me always. Cheering you on from NC!

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