Judah | Going Home

This summer, I was given to Lathan and Serena as a baby gift and as it often turns out,  they were a gift to me! This sweet family has such a heart after God and his calling on their life in ministry, they were truly inspiring to talk to and get to know during their time in North Carolina. Hearing them talk about how God had ordered their story and orchestrated everything in their life thus far (including Judah’s amazing birth story) was like balm to my soul. This year was a whirlwind for me serving in ministry, and it was so encouraging to hear from someone outside of my normal circles as to how God was moving and inspiring them.

I had a blast hanging out with them on their last day in the NICU before they got to bring their sweet rainbow baby home. The timing worked out perfectly and I arrived just as they were officially discharged and got to capture them putting Judah in the carseat for the first time to go home after a weeklong NICU stay. He is such a little miracle– and blew his doctor’s minds with his resilience and speedy recovery after a complication at birth. He is mighty, that Judah and it was an honor to document the moments leading up to his first nap in the car.


20180803_Judah Goes Home131

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