DIY Face Toner for Combination Skin


I’ve been meaning to share this recipe for my most favorite face toner for like three years! And I got a fresh bottle of Frankincense in the mail a few weeks ago weekend (my crunchy is showing) so I could make another batch of this wonder potion. I am an extreme case when it comes to eczema and sensitive skin, and this toner is my JAM. It takes the sting out of eczema flares and fights acne without causing another flare. It’s hard to find something that can help both extreme conditions without exacerbating either and apple cider vinegar is the magic ingredient.

Basically from like age 16 to 26 anything that I used to fight the eczema caused clogged pores and anything to help fight the zits caused an eczema flare. And then I covered it all up with kinda orange drug store foundation. Repeat cycle.

This toner came to be in my postpartum days after Lincoln when my eczema flared all over my body. I was on a mission to simplify all of my beauty products so I knew EXACTLY what was going on/in my body (like literally I washed my hair once a week with baking soda and ACV) and I’ve just kept it in my life ever since because it works so well.

In the crunchy community there’s a lot of talk about oils and which ones are best or safest, etc. and I’ve used a lot of different kinds and for my everyday cleaning oils I’ll get the ones from Whole Foods or the Amazon best seller, but for things I apply directly to my kids or face I try to barter from someone who sells Young Living or I order directly from Hopewell. I’ve never tried DoTerra, or Plant Therapy but I hear great things! If you have any questions about oils I have a TON of friends that know and use them regularly and I can share my little bits of knowledge and connect you if you have questions I can’t answer! I do love those little colorful bottles and what they add to my life (STILL LOOKING AT YOU CHRISTMAS SPIRIT).

Raw Apple Cider Vinegar (with “The Mother”) // 1/3 cup
Witch Hazel  // 1/3 cup
Lavender Oil  // 10 drops
Tea Tree Oil  // 10 drops
Frankincense Oil // 10 drops
Water // 1/3 cup

I have this funny little glass container on my sink so I just eyeball it when I fill it up, but these are the approximate measurements. 1 part of each, although depending on your skin sensitivity you may want to dilute. Also, I’ve heard some concern from friends that don’t like  the smell of ACV  and it lingers for only a moment– and the yummy smell of the oils is what stays. Definitely do a small test area at first, for me redness will show up immediately if I need to dilute more. Listen to your body and enjoy the tingle of balanced skin!  Let me know in the comments if you try it or if you have any questions! toner06toner05toner03

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