bittersweetness, photography & christmas

Today was my last exam at Meredith College. You’d think I’d be all rejoicing, but I’m kind of sad. Really, sad actually. In addition to that, it was my last day working in the foreign language office. I didn’t really realize it until I was filling out my December timesheet. I started working there as a little freshman. Little tiny baby freshman that didn’t know anything about anything. Now I know lots, and I might have cried a little bit as I was leaving. So many good things came from that job. Great relationships with professors and some excellent life lessons. That’s why I go to Meredith College.
The above is the bitter of this time of year, the sweetness however, is being done with exams. I am tempted to add a ‘forever’ to the end of that sentence, but I’m afraid that the biggest exam ahead is not the feared Praxis II or the potential GRE…but the student teaching. It instills fear into my very bones. The kids don’t scare me, and the Spanish doesn’t scare me…it’s the observation and criticism and the underlying feeling of the chance that I am not actually supposed to be a teacher and someone is going to figure that out. I guess time will tell…
….Okay, I exaggerate a bit. I’m not that scared. I’m excited actually, but all the while feeling incredibly bitter that my last normal semester here is over. I have so loved this experience and I just don’t want it to end any time soon.
So…photography. Yeah, so I do that now. It started with some headshots for a friend, some silly senior pictures, a Christmas card photo here and there, and now I’m either doing homework, eating, sleeping, taking pictures or editing things in iPhoto. It’s fun, but I have found that it is difficult to be a photographer AND a student… so I’m forcing myself to one photo gig a week. I did four in one weekend and my eyes and my computer were kind of mad at me. One of my missions for the break is to re-organize my gallery and give some umph to my website and such. My other mission? Sleep. A lot.
Here’s some photos from part 1 of Sam’s senior shoot.
Part 2 will be happening Saturday morning so get excited.
Enjoy, friends. Happy Christmas break.

I couldn’t get over her awesome blue nails and grey chucks. Girl’s got style.

At first I was really sad this was blurry, but then I realized it was an action shot of Sam’s laugh.
If you know Sam, then you know what I mean. We missed that laugh when she was in Italy!
So, my favorite thing about the holidays is the Charlie Brown Christmas CD and sleeping late.
What’s your favorite thing about the holidays?
(this means I want you to comment)

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Kristen says:

    Hey Kellie,
    Since you're going to add more to your website, may I suggest that you add testimonials?
    We would love to give you one!
    I am getting so excited about our Christmas cards =)


  2. favorite thing(s) about the holidays:

    chocolate oranges
    christmas cards (and christmas card photos)

  3. allison says:

    i second the testimonial suggestion…i'll be happy to give one as well!

    favorite things about the holidays:
    twinkly lights
    wrapping presents
    anything with peppermint!
    getting hugs from my nieces and nephews after they open their presents

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