Last year my sweet roomsie Amy asked if I would take some photos at the Danceworks rehearsal, and it was so much fun, she asked me if I could come take pictures for the Meredith Dance Theater rehearsal last night! This was JUST as much fun, if not more because I was a little bit bolder and got a little closer to the stage (even on it, a few times. I know. Bold.) so I was able to get some closer shots. I’m still learning how to work it with the weird lighting, but I think it went okay. I missed a few epic leaps and jumps (I feel like most of them, after looking through the 1,000 and some photos I took) but I did get some pretty sweet facial expressions. I love watching dance and it is such a pleasure knowing these ladies and having classes with them. I am taking Jazz 1 this semester and they all get so excited whenever I talk about my dance milestones (PS: did a double pirouette on both sides on Thursday. My teacher flipped.). I begged my mom for the longest time as a child for dance classes and so I’m really glad I decided to do this class as my last PE. I discovered that while I love to watch it, I am glad we never spent too much money on classes. Turns out I fall a lot and I may not be a dance prodigy after all. I’ll just stick to Spanish I think. 🙂
These are just a few of my favorites, but definitely go see the show this weekend and I’ll post the rest of my pictures (not 1,000, don’t worry) next week on my mobile me gallery.
Truly a treat. My personal favorite is the last piece of the repertory show, so check it out tomorrow at 8pm or Sunday at 8pm in Jones Auditorium. Free to Meredith students!

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