Good days.

Our FuHsing friends left on Thursday morning. It wasn’t nearly as tearful as the night before had been (referred to as ‘The Trail of Tears’ by one of our history-buff campers), but it was still sad to see them go! It’s so crazy how attached you can get to kids in such a short period of time.
Friday night I went home to spend some time with my parents and get ta’ packing for my apartment (move in: Wednesday 8am). We had such a great time. We went to dinner at Noodles and Company off Erwin Road (there is a whole new magical shopping area there) and then afterwards I went buy a friends house to visit and to drop of gifts from Costa Rica.
Saturday we woke up early and hit up the Farmer’s Market. That place is seriously my favorite. My current plan is to do my Famer’s Marketing on Friday mornings after Pilates, so if anyone else wants to go, let me know! It seriously makes shopping so fun with all the people and they had $1 dwarf sunflowers. I want some. If you go, I seriously recommend a glass bottled Cheerwine ($1) or a fresh squeezed limeade with cherries ($3.50) as a little reward for buying local.
Farmer’s Market with my parents + babysitting for my favorite family + cooking dinner with some of my favorite Meredith girls = a wonderful Saturday. While I do miss the entirety of Costa Rica, you really can’t trade summer at home for anything.

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  1. i am pretty darn jealous of your sweet photog skills 🙂 see you back at Mere.Co. soon!

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