On Break

Hello there, faithful blog readers.
FuHsing 2009 is wrapping up after all. After a very long first week of getting to know 35 students, it is hard to believe that in about five days they will be leaving us. This just seems to be the summer for life-changing experiences. I can’t believe how much I have learned in the past two and a half weeks with these kids. I’m not sure if I just don’t laugh during the school year, but this summer I have just really enjoyed enjoying people. That’s a weirdly formed sentence, but I don’t believe I have ever enjoyed just getting to know different people so much. Each of the boys in my group is so unique, it is such a pleasure getting to know them and laughing with them.

Disclaimer: The following paragraphs may contain potty humor.

So the last day I was in Costa Rica we stayed at this fancy pants hotel in Alajuela called Las Orquideas. We hadn’t been there five minutes and our toilet was stopped up and I was voted head of the “call the front desk” committee (my roomies said it was mine, but I was sure it wasn’t. Unfortunately I was the first one to use the potty so no one believed me). When the handyman arrived he asked if I spoke Spanish and I told him yes and then realized that I didn’t know how to say “stopped up” or “flush” in Spanish. HA. So I did what the lovely Señora Rahili taught me and talked around what I wanted to say using vocabulary I knew. I began, “Bueno.. es que hay caca….” and before I could finish the word “caca” (poop) he was gone to get a plunger. While this probably doesn’t read as funny as it was, there were six of us in our hotel suite absolutely dying with laughter. When was the last time I had laughed that hard? About poop?

I had a repeat of a similar potty experience in Washington D.C. a few days ago, but on the handyman’s end. One of my boys came knocking on my door a few minutes before lights out, “teacher! you have to come! the toilet is broke!” Assuming it was a case for a plunger I followed him, only to find another boy in the bathroom in his underpants. Thankfully, I did not see this said boy in underpants, but we did communicate a hilarious conversation through the closed bathroom door about the toilet problems. It was like verbal charades. The actual problem was that the toilet handle had fallen off, and the boys didn’t know the word for “handle” or “flush” in English. I didn’t think I would ever stop laughing and the same goes for the other three boys in the room. The last time I had laughed that hard about a toilet was in Costa Rica a few weeks earlier.

So what’s my point? Honestly, I’m not sure if its about toilet maintenance or laughter, but I just really like people. So I guess I’m just thanking people in general for being enjoyable. Gracias.

In addition to blogging this randomness, I spent like 20 minutes taking pictures of some of my jewelry. I adore taking pictures in the evening (and the summer evenings are endless!) on account of the lighting so I opened my window and took advantage of the natural light. This beautiful ring is currently being loaned to me from my mother. It was her mother’s engagement ring and it is beautiful. I just like looking at it, it is so different than [engagement] rings you see nowadays. How neat.

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  1. you keep saying I am loaning to you? It's yours ENJOY!!

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