Happy belated fourth of July. We somehow scored the party box at the bulls stadium and witnessed some awesome fireworks– up close and personal!
It was fun watching our kids see a baseball game (for many, their first) and a American style celebration.

So far, the program is going very well. They haven’t quite been here a week yet, but they are starting to get comfortable I think and are adjusting to the food. The group overall is SO SWEET. My guys have a hard time listening all the time, but today I was able to entertain them with my Spanish skills for about 10 minutes. I taught them how to say “I love basketball” and “I’m not wearing underwear” at their request.

Being home is overwhelming. I’ve been back a little over a week and I’ve probably been asked 150 times what I’m doing after I graduate. Applying for student loans is proving to be more difficult than ever and I’ve started making preparations for the Praxis II exams I’ll be taking next spring (Spanish K-12 and teaching English to foreign language speakers). This is all happening so quickly… today I miss Costa Rica more than ever. I was never really homesick for Spain but looking at pictures from Costa Rica just brings me to tears.

I did teach my group (6th grade boys) “tranquilo”. Basically I just tell them that all the time because they are in such a hurry and run EVERYWHERE, but secretly, I’m just telling myself to chill out.

Read about the happiest place on earth here.

So I mourned the loss of my lens cap in Monteverde…it fell to its death off one of the swinging bridges. Oops. Today I finally replaced it from Peace Camera and got one of those elastic band things that lets it hang when its not in use. A big muchas gracias to my sweet boyfriend who came to the rescue once I realized that (again) I had forgotten to put my wallet in my purse.

Sweet sunset from Cabo Blanco…

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