Hola July

Hello, from Meredith! I am moved back in for FuHsing round 2. Last summer it was a GREAT experience and our campers arrived today and will be hanging out for the next 23 days!

Saturday M picked me up at the airport with sweet daisies (which were waiting for me in the car– I don’t like big scenes… he knows me well) and we spent a lot of time just chilling out this weekend. Monday we took his new motorcycle up to Falls Lake for a picnic. We had no idea there was a little beach there and totally regretted not wearing our bathing suits.. that must totally happen in the future. It was such a fun day just hanging out… and riding a motorcycle isn’t that bad either. šŸ™‚

These pretty flowers really make my room look so homey.

Nonetheless, I carefully (ha) selected 300 from my 1,300 Costa Rica pictures and am trying very hard to post them on my mobileme gallery. I will alert the press when that happens. I think I keep falling asleep before they load…
Happy July!

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