The bridge we have to cross over to get to our class/lab area in La Selva.
There is apparently one big crocodile who lives down the river a little bit… There’s a sign that says swim at your own risk. I’ve opted out of swimming…
It is HOT here in La Selva. We’re close to the carribbean coast where it is might, mighty, humid. Everyday after lunch we head over to the gift shop where we buy ice cream. This Super Cono is my helado of choice usually… the pretty chocolate things on top are what my host madre told me were “Tico m&ms”. The cones are my favorite part…
This is what happens when your items are on top of a hot bus for a long time.
Crocs melt. I tried to wear it to make it go back to its normal shape but it was too fargone. RIP.
Haven’t you always wondered what a hermit crab looks like out of its shell?
Click on this picture to see up close! They’re really ugly.
At Cabo Blanco there were a million of them EVERYWHERE and Dr. Lindquist’s husband Marcelo was an experienced hermit crab shell-taker-offer.

Things are good…I can’t believe I’ll be home Saturday! While this has been a fantastic experience (mostly the language and culture part… rainforest not-so-much) I am really looking forward to being home. This adventure is fun and all, but I’m missing sweet North Carolina summer….

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