Only 10 more days, holy moly!

Hello, hello, hello, hello.

Despite all the bugs (scorpions, lizards and land crabs) that have come my way in the past week and a half, I am a-l-i-v-e.

With many many tears, we left San Joaquin last Sunday and headed to San Luis Biological Station. There it was alright, I saw a sloth and learned a lahahahot about plants and stuff and then we went to Cabo Blanco which was way cooler. It is an absolute reserve on the tip of the Nicoya Peninsula, that is completely closed to the public and people are only allowed in by invitation. It was a bit rustic for my taste (thats where I saw all the scorpions, lizards and land crabs…and one too many cockroaches for my liking), but the amazing sunsets made all the bug bites worth it. And snorkeling. And monkeys. And the ocean.
Here’s some pictures from since the last time I posted pictures… whenever that was.
The saturday before I left, Zulay and I took the kiddies to the Museo de los ninos in San Jose. It was CRAZY. I was exhausted afterwards, but it was a great time. Mad props to all the mamas out there with little ones. Aiieee.

Oh I miss this sweet face! The day I left they were all dressed for mass so we went outside and took pictures.
me with my sibs. Note the devious look on Isac’s face…
First couple of days in San Luis. This is one of the bridges we crossed before we did the zipline. It was like the Soarin’ ride in Disney World in real life. NO JOKE. I cried on the Tarzan swing and almost wet my pants on the last zip line. It was 1km long and two people had to go at a time so you would make it all the way. Liz and I ALMOST made it to the end, but one of the guides had to come get us…
This was the day that I had to milk a cow at 6am. I was already unexcited about the 6am part and then this is when I squirted milk on myself. Thanks for capturing this milestone, whoever had my camera. This was followed by an excruciating birding hike that happened pre-breakfast (read: pre-coffee). That day wasn’t my study abroad high.
STUDY ABROAD HIGH. The hike there was a-w-f-u-l (our guide was like 6’5″ and took strides as long as my body) but swimming in it was totally worth it. It was freezing, but it made my achy muscles and feet feel GREAT! On the way back I got caught in the rain and just took my time…definitely a great experience. One of the few in San Luis.
Welcome to Cabo Blanco!
Where Harelquin crabs run free and eat tree seedlings thus making reforestiation a challenge! (see, I am learning stuff)
Afore mentioned land crab.
This is when we discovered they could climb afterall. I picked the top bunk because I thought they couldn’t climb. Oh well.
The gorgeous beach bum Kyndle Wray. Could she BE more beautiful?
An example of the “worth it” sunsets. I feel like I could sell this picture.

The beauty during the day. Is this place for real?

So that look on my face was semi-permanent with the goggles on. Everyone said it was really funny, especially when everytime I came up for air (I got water in my tube a lot…I was new at snorkeling) I was singing Part of Your World from Little Mermaid. Something about the waves crashing on those rocks kept that song in my head for three days straight….
Aqui estoy! This is the view from our window in our amazing(!) hotel. It’s semi-new so they are giving us “secret special” discounts left and right and its amazing! We had a great dinner tonight and I had jugo de cas which is the best fruit in Costa Rica. As far as I know it isn’t exported to the states (big sad face), but it is amazing. My family gave me some seeds to plant, shh don’t tell customs. 🙂
Anywho, tomorrow I am getting a facial, going to the hot springs and getting a pedicure. Hopefully the last week in La Selva won’t undo all this pampering.

Costa Rica is fun. You should go.

4 Comments Add yours

  1. i will pay you money for that sunset picture. andddd your cosmic cantina picture. and i'm dead serious.

  2. Catie Mae says:

    no chandler bing, she could not be any more beautiful!! miss you both SO much!!! less than 2 weeks before we're fuhsing'in it!!

  3. Catie Mae says:

    no chandler bing she could not be anymore beautiful!! i miss you both sooooo much!!

    can't wait to see you!!

    love you!

  4. Kellie Deaton milking a cow…..

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