So today was my last day of film class and the last day of the language and culture program. All the girls will be leaving Costa Rica tomorrow bright and early, but four of us are staying for the next three weeks. Tomorrow we have all day free and then Sunday we are getting picked up at the Institute by our TA Carolina and taken to the airport to meet the new group of students!

Here are just a few things from the past two weeks…

This is Volcan Poas. It is located about an hour outside of San Joaquin/Heredia. There was a big earthquake here in January and unfortunately it destroyed alot of the surrounding houses and neighborhoods and a lot of the waterfalls that used to exist. It was AMAZING. There are apparently 7ish active Volcanoes currently in Costa Rica. I’m hoping to visit Arenal during my free weekend in two weeks.

So big sister of Isac, Ana Victoria, is getting a little tired of having him around screaming all the time so she drew a NO ISAC sign and put it on her door. Never a dull moment with these kiddies around….
….but really…you can’t help but love this kid. And sometimes when he starts singing the Vaca song or the Lolly song (their dog who lives at the cabin) you find yourself singing along… (song = screaming the word over and over and over at the top of his lungs. Last night in the car I got him to stop by singing Jingle Bells louder. CHAMP. )This is Geovanny’s sweet niece Maria Jose… at first she didn’t like me taking pictures of her but she warmed up after a while. When I left she gave me a kiss on the cheek and screamed CIAO!
Last weekend my transportation to the beach fell through so I stayed in San Joaquin to practice spanish with my familia. Saturday they took me to their uncle’s farm and let me drive the 4wheeler! It was so fun! They had cows and peacocks and chickens…fun times. They also have a cabin back in the woods and said I was welcome to it anytime I wanted to come visit… graduation trip, yes please.
Ana Victoria went through this phase where everday she asked me what was in my bag. I’d tell her the usual, notebook, iPod, pens, etc. And I noticed that she started carrying her lunchbag like I carry my bags over my shoulder, so I asked her what she was carrying one day. She was just like, “oh the usual, my notebook, my pens and my iPod”. She definitely doesn’t have an iPod. Cute thang.

heart b-r-e-a-k-e-r.Isac was playing on the 4wheeler and we thought he was to blame when the key went missing for a while…but then it turned up in Geova’s pocket. Oops.
Friday was Zulay’s friend’s birthday so they came over and we celebrated with cake. This little cutie, Daniela, just turned 10 months! Her brother Diego is a demon (no seriously, awful…he literally put his fingers in his ears and told his mom he wasn’t going to listen to her) but she is so mellow. She doesn’t crawl but scoots across the floor on her butt…so funny. This is Isac trying to get her to look at the camera.

La gallina! They used to have a rooster too but they are letting a friend borrow him. Apprently their friend has a big number of chickens and no rooster. It’s nice and quiet now in the mornings without him cockadoodledooing at 4:30am.

another cute on of Isac. I have approx 48589058902 of him. 2 seconds after I took this he climbed the ladder behind him up to the mini water tank and wouldn’t come down. Just a little bit mischevious this one…
my cute house
Despite the rainy season, the last two days it didn’t rain at all and this sunset was BREATHTAKING. At the risk of being a tourist, I took my camera out at the bus stop. It was worth it. But…now it’s raining again and I will probably have to walk home in it.

This is all for now… I bought another memory card and maybe there will be another update sometime if I get wifi somewhere in the rainforest…haha, probably not, huh. I miss iPhoto a lot…not editing pictures is weird.

See you June 27th!

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  1. Catie Mae says:

    is it strange that i'm finding myself attached to these children? haha i missssss you!!! take care of my lil in the rain forest, you know how she gets

    see you in 3 weeks!!!

  2. thank you for these amazing(as Usual) pictures. It was wonderful to hear your voice today!

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