Un momentico…

my cute hermanos, Ana Victoria y Isac
Las ruinas somewhere in Costa Rica….

there are cute perritos EVERYWHERE
mi cama in my room
the view from my window.. we live in the country 🙂

I can’t believe how quickly a week and a half has gone by…
Here are some pictures…I finally figured out how to upload stuff at the internet cafe.
(disclaimer: thinking in English is weird…so reading what I type will be weird too)
This is a tiny tiny tiny tiny tiny pequeño taste of all that I’ve been doing since we got here.
This week was the first week of real class. In addition to all the random gen-ed stuff I’m fulfilling I’m taking a Latin American Film class (actually counting for Advanced Conversation…long story). Everyday we have class from 1-4. If it didn’t involve watching a movie, I’d have a serious problem with class that long.

We usually have free mornings where we can explore or do something fun (zip lining!) or we have a meeting with our reforestation guide Andres who we’ll be doing a service project with later. Classes are pretty fun and I’m getting good Spanish practice in…even though sometimes we speak a lot of English because everyone is at a different level.

My family is super sweet and introduced me to the wonderful world of fried fish. Me gusta.
Isac is 2 and screams all the time. I think he just likes to hear his voice. He’s learning the different animal sounds which is adorable and if you ask him what sound a cow makes he goes “moooooo” and then runs around screaming VACA (the spanish word for cow). Everytime he leaves the room he says “ciao!” and everytime he sees me he waves and says “hello!”. I did teach him how to high five which he does all the time. The other day he was running around screaming vaca and my madre was just standing in the kitchen with her hands covering her ears. Boys will be boys.

Ana Victoria is 6 and precious. She loves the Jonas Brothers and loves to watch the Disney Channel (a pastime we share). Yesterday we played peluqueria (beauty shop) and she had my hair lookin’ crazy. She literally put all of her hair scrunchies in my hair… like 50. It was intense. We spend a lot of time coloring and doing arts and crafts (today we cut out paper snowflakes…. she was amazed) so I pretty much like being at home more than anywhere else. Its fun being a big sister.

Zulay and Geovanny are awesome host parents. We had a fun discussion about tequila (haha) and Zulay LOVES Grey’s Anatomy which sadly, is a few episodes behind here on account of subtitles. Geovanny just speaks heartily… I have a heard time understanding him sometimes because he laughs like Santa Claus when he talks. Last night I came home kinda late because of dance class in Heredia and I thought he was home so I locked up everything like a good student would…only to find he wasn’t home from work yet and he was locked out of the house. Oopps. Zulay is seriously fun though, we have a lot in common so we have lots of fun conversations. I think she enjoys having an in-house babysitter sometimes because sometimes I feel like she doesn’t get a moment to herself with two little kiddies around!

This weekend we’ll be at la Playa Manuel Antonio and then we’ll be into the 3rd week of the program! que loco!

3 Comments Add yours

  1. So good to hear your voice! I love the pictures! love you!

  2. Kristen says:

    Kellie! I am so glad that you are safe in Costa Rico! Those kids are so adorable and so is the dog.
    Looks like fun!!

  3. Catie Mae says:

    omgosh sounds like you’re having a blast!! i miss you!!

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