Mrs. Garrett-to-be

Today I managed to get a few hours away from campus to go to Ally’s bridal shower. She and my sister were great friends in high school and since then she has become a great friend of mine! (One of the perks of growing older, your siblings start sharing their friends….) She’s so fun and will be getting married to a stud named Brent next Saturday. She and Brent were close in high school as well and got reacquainted at Cassidy and Dan’s wedding two summers ago. Cuteeeee.

Everyone wrote advice to Ally. Mine was: Conflict resolution… Wii Boxing.
Clearly, I know lots about marriage 🙂

my sister the bridesmaid and brains behind Wedding Shower Bingo

my photog partner in crime, Jamie
BINGO! My mom and I actually ended up winning…it looked totally rigged since Cassidy made the cards and I brought the prizes! I did end up with a cool Target cooler though… can’t wait to grocery shop next semester!
I want a crock-pot.

my big sister and I.

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