This is a really long post…

But there’s lots of pictures.

My pal and future roommate, Amy asked if I would photograph the Danceworks dress rehearsal tonight. It was so much fun. I don’t believe I’ve ever been to a Meredith performance where I could actually take pictures during it (I’ve been yelled at a lot for trying). The girls were beautiful, Danceworks is one of my favorite parts about the spring. All the dance ladies get to choreograph and cast their own dances…it’s such a cool thing to see my friends show off their skills! Unfortunately I had to leave early because I had a hall meeting & such, but before I left I had a great time watching and visiting with my dancer friends. Thanks for inviting me, Amy!

I took 530 pictures of the first performance alone… here are a few favorites…I shot most of them at 800 ISO, 3.5 f-stop and 1/50 shutter. Sometimes I switched to 1600 ISO but I hate to do that because it adds so much noise… I learned a lot about my camera tonight.

^I love that one…she reminds me of a music box ballerina.
^1/40 shutter for a little blurred action….This was Matney’s BEAUTIFUL dance..I can’t remember the actual title, but it was about a bride.
Hence the wedding dressage.

These next few were from Amy’s dance that she choreographed.
I have some very talented friends, by the way.
It looks like they’re all about to fly away…And here’s Amy 🙂

These next two pictures are from a trio that danced to Sara Barielles “Come Round Soon”.
I about cried.
And a fun 90’s hip hop medly. I love this series.

Everyone should check out the show this weekend! They are doing completely different shows Friday and Saturday so go BOTH nights!

On account of the fact everyone was moving REALLY fast and the lighting was weird so no matter what at least one part of each shot would be blurry… I got to be really creative. Generally speaking, I enjoy creativity. So basically, it was good times.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Kellie, These pictures are Amazing!

  2. RLM says:

    I’ve always loved photographing the MDT rehearsals, your shots came out so well!

  3. Kellie says:

    Thanks Rachel!

    I felt like such an amateur (rightly so)… but it was a fun learning experience. Once study abroad is done, I will be saving for a new lens… this photography thing is addictive…haha!

    What do you settings do you shoot on when you do shows like that? It’s so hard with the lighting!

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