amish friend banana chocolate bread muffins…and more.

This is the solitary muffin that remains from my Amish Friendship Bread. They were delicious. I took a batch to the class I observed today (my last day!) and the kids went crazy. Hello, future awesome teacher and bearer of baked goods. I also took some of the chocolate chocolate cookies I made Sunday night to the Spanish school today.. those were some happy maestras. Apparently women ALL over the world love chocolate– who knew?

By the way, school is making me CRAZY. This craziness is accelerated when things like parking tickets (grrr) and totes that break in the dining hall happen (It was $6..I guess you get what you pay for). I think I will enjoy life when I’m 25.
I hope to master the whole “saying no” thing by then and I will budget so much time for myself and the people I love that it will appear that I am very selfish. And to this I will laugh, because I need time for myself otherwise I will go CRAZY. Which might be a little selfish, but really I’m thinking of others because who wants to be around a crazy person. Not it!

Meanwhile, despite being driven to the point of insanity by all that is expected of me, I congratulated my little sisses Jordan and Allison tonight at their Fire and Water dinner. It’s the kickoff to 4 years of silly traditions where they burn a terrible memory from Freshman year (like a bad roommate…cough cough) and then float a happy memory in the fountain (like an awesome big sis, cough cough). It’s precious. It warms my heart to have such awesome ladies in my Meredith fam. They are both so great!
I made them sweet little gifts and made sure to get a picture of them holding them. I got a little craft happy. But really, combined I spent MAYBE like $15. I heart the dollar spot forever.

I’m on such a baking/craft binge right now.
It might be all the Real Simples and Martha Stewart Livings.
Ok… now back to the real world (versus blog world) where I do homework. Ciao.

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  1. Margaret says:

    Is there friendship bread in my future??

    P.S., I’ve got a new blog.

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