My sweet boyfriend’s birthday cake. (Well, one of them. A lot of people like him.)
Thanks to all the people that made this happen… Duncan Hines, Betty Crocker, Target, Meghan Laurin and the most important of all, Steve Jobs for creating the Apple company. You make my boyfriend very happy and also I like my computer.

M and I both have a way low tolerance for sugar and unfortunately the aroma of this sweet cake is enough to put you into a semi-permanent diabetic coma…but it looks cool.
You might have noticed that there are actually 23 candles on the cake… as we were lighting them we neglected to get two in the middle and it was a tad bit risky to get those. So we just added two to the bottom and lit those.

And here’s a funny video if Meg and I cooking… it was kinda late and I was already kinda loopy and then the beater broke…and I lost it. And by it, I mean the ability to control laughter. You can kinda see the sleep deprivation in my eyes.

So crook hunt ends tomorrow and we still haven’t found it. The seniors did good.
Today at SFF was awesome. I was with the 4 year olds (not awesome, those kids are BAD) and the teacher is so cool. Her name is Lydia and she’s been here since July from Cuba. We talked A LOT and she is precious and learning English and has so many hopes and dreams for her son (who goes to a regular day care because she wants him to be bilingual. They speak Spanish at home so he just needs to get English on lock.) She is so excited about learning English and wants to meet on Saturdays for a few hours to practice and to teach me Spanish. I’m hoping we can meet at least once before I go to Costa Rica and then make it a regular thing next semester.
I really like helping.

Tomorrow is Chaco day! tells me they are awaiting a truck in Greensboro.
It better warm up soon. I need to take winter clothes home this weekend.

I have been blessed with SO MUCH to be thankful for.

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