Day 3

Today was long and wonderful and I’m exhausted and I really want to watch yesterday’s Secret Life of the American Teenager so this will be fast.

Stop 1: Arlington. Beautiful and snowy and beautiful. We had a mean tour guide who patronized us for staying on the bus instead of trekking in the freeeezing weather to look at graves in spite of our layers, so we ended up finishing up there before 10am.
Stop 2: Holocaust Museum. In all my trips to DC I had yet to visit this trademark. It was so powerful. The last place we visited was Daniel’s Story, an exhibit for kids about a child named Daniel during the Holocaust. The end they had a place for kids to write letters to Daniel about what they saw and thought about the exhibit and I saw one that had a little message in Spanish to Daniel about his strength and an apology for what he had to go through. I teared up a lot. What a powerful place, and what things we have to be grateful for!

Stop 3: Pot Belly Sandwich Works. We were starving, and it was delicious. And we saw some Secret Service men!
Stop 4: Ford’s Theater. Newly rennovated and we learned A LOT! The story teller had some really interesting facts to share about Lincoln’s murder… and it was way cool to be in there!

Stop 5: Metro –> Hotel and later Georgetown. That’s a whole other post in itself. I’m in love with Georgetown.

gooood night. Raleigh tomorrow 🙂

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  1. How do you know they were secret service? If they told you they would have to kill you!

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