DC trip Day 1!

So, it began with me (over)packing into the wee hours of the morning.

We arrived to some snow flurries at Potomac Mills mall around lunchtime. We hung out for a while in the food court and enjoyed some really expensive pizza, and then went to Rack Room to check out some rain boots for Amy. They had the most impressive collection of Converses I have ever seen! They had some sweet grey ones that I about had a fit to buy… but then I didn’t on account of them costing more than $10.
And Amy found some rainboots for the impending threat of snow!
Indeed it snowed…and rained…and dropped in temperature… and we got lost to and from dinner. We ate at Johnny Rockets (which was awesome in Miami) but apparently they were out of Coke, veggie burgers and every kind of bread but rye among other things. Afterwards we rushed back to the hotel to meet the bus but got way lost. I just happened to spot our hotel through a parking deck so we arrived about 15 minutes late…SOAKING wet.

We visited pretty much ever memorial/monument in DC. If it wasn’t snowing/raining I’m sure I would have enjoyed the tour a lot more… but I learned some fun stuff! My favorite part was seeing the White House up close. It is WAY smaller than I thought it was, I was shocked! My favorite part though, was a protester who has been protesting things since 1980 that lives in a tent in front of the White House. She is the only protester to have permission to protest 24/7. We also thought we saw a little Obama daughter… there were tons of secret service people and a tiny little person. We wanted to gawk some more but then we realized that the tour guide was moving towards the bus and it was freezing… so we conceded…

I took this during our outside tour of the Capitol. It was coming down!
It’s since stopped snowing, but we have high hopes the US government will shut down so we don’t have to get up early to visit the Capitol again…we’re thinking more of playing in the snow and Starbucks and rescheduling the Capitol for later in the afternoon…

more tomorrow!

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  1. Amazing pictures! your trip is a lot better than the school trips we took on bumpy, cramped busses!

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