Sunday evening I went with my suitemate Kerianne to an ESL class in Durham that is sponsored by the Summit Church over in Brier Creek. The class is free to anyone who needs it, and is part of a huge latino ministry that they have at the Summit…it’s pretty crazy. They didn’t have a huge amount of students so I got to “observe” Kerianne teaching and it was a blast. The woman we had was named Mericia and had three beautiful daughters. One of the written activities for the week was a list of reasons why they wanted to learn English and hers were all about her daughters and communicating with their teachers and doctors. I can’t imagine how teacher conferences would have been if my mom didn’t speak English…

Nonetheless, it was absolutely heartwarming to see so many people in there trying to better themselves by learning English. There were young couples, old ladies, old couples, gangsters.. all there with their grammar books. I really wanted to take pictures but I thought it would have been kind of sketchy to be walking around snapping photos on my first week… so instead I took a picture of the breathtaking sunset waiting for us outside. Happy February.

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