Cool stuff.

This is the Christmas gift my wonderful boyfriend gave me. He got this iMac frame from work and put a cork board in it, rigged up a light and gave me the most awesome bulletin board I have ever seen. So I broke the light (twice, Christmas morning and again after I hung it on my wall), but sans light, it still rocks my socks off. He also printed some of my favorite pictures and push pinned them on there. My personal favorite is the one at the top of us with our macs. Yay self timer.
Beautiful camera strap cover from my secret santa, Emily. The girl had a brawl with the US Postal people because they said it was delivered but her apartment complex said it never came… so she bought me two 🙂 What a ballin’ secret santa. I really did almost cry when she told me what she got me, I love it so much! It’s also way softer than that rubber stuff…

So, what’s up?
To have started on a Monday, this semester is off to a good beginning. I’m way busy, but I’m getting more sleep and eating better which is an improvement from 2008(I even did yoga yesterday. Not the whole workout, but more than last time). My classes are great and are going to be interesting (maybe even History and Health too). I’m thinking about graduate school more than ever, but only after at least two years of teaching. My application for Costa Rica is done, I’m waiting on my teacher recommendations and fall semester scrapbooking is done-zo. I’m keeping a thankful journal. I freaking don’t like cold weather one bit– my skin is going nuts. I spoke (and didn’t speak) a lot of Spanish today at Spanish for Fun!– what a challenge that is going to be. Today I learned that I magically make babies fall asleep (I hope this happens when I have kids of my own). I’m seeing a lot of what God’s been doing in my life over the past year. During a lot of it, I’ve kicked and screamed and shaken my fist at the heavens… but it’s cool stuff. Cool, cool stuff.

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  1. Isn’t kicking and screaming normal?

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