Didney Woold

Top ten Disney experiences (not in any particular order):

1. FANTASMIC. I highly recommend it, especially if you’re a Fantasia fan.
2. When Ashley accidentally elbowed Jesse in the eyeball.
3. Latenight drive-thru at the McDonalds near the resort and the guy tried to convince us that two cones were cheaper than 1, which they were. He showed us that 1 cone of ice cream was $1.97 but two was $2.13. “That’s cheap, you can’t beat that!” He was indian which made it even cuter.
4. Standing in line to meet Ariel and meeting 4 year old Sophie and her mom. I was talking to Sophie and the first thing she said to me was “My daddy has a favorite princess. It’s Jasmine.” And then her mom proceeded to tell us a story about how they met Jasmine and she was hot.
5. Getting a picture with Ariel and her exclaiming, “You have Mermaid hair like me!” and then when we left she shouted “Have fun with your legs!” What a hoot.
6. Kala constantly being ready for a picture. And like 95% of the things she said were a punchline.
7. Mastering the M shutter priority on my rebel. Finally.
8. This adorable little girl at the HSM3 parade that knew all the dance moves/words. Precious.
9. Riding Everest twice as the park was closing. The second time I held my hands up the whole time. Ballin’.
10. T-Shirts and mugs being 40% off.

Yay princesses, magic and friends. The end.

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