December means..

+One more Chorale rehearsal
+One more Chorale performance
+No more Math quizzes
+No more English papers
+Disney World in 2 Weeks! (13 days, actually)

-I’m a second semester Junior which means I need to hurry up and get stuff ready because I only have two more semesters until I am someone’s Spanish teacher
-Cold weather
-Cold weather that is not cold enough for snow
-24 Hour RA Duty (I should call it doodie. It’s doodoo. And dumb)

Okay, there are more -‘s than +’s, but don’t be fooled. I’m wearing flip flops on December 1st and I am happy about it.

I hope everyone enjoyed Britney: For the Record last night on MTV. I learned a lot about Britney, including that she believes that people shave their heads all the time and that she likes to take planes from Paris to Europe…

Even though she’s nuts and probably on drugs, there will always be a special place in my heart for the lady.
There were many a happy middle school afternoon when I rushed home to watch TRL for the latest Britney video…

Haha. Oh Brit-Brit.

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