Buyer’s Remorse

There are two things in life where I get extremely emotionally invested.
Making good grades and the art of bargain hunting.

This post is about bargain hunting.

Since the weather started getting colder I have regretted buying the cheap 250 thread count king size sheets at Target and I have been looking at either some flannel or Jersey Knit ones to keep me warm at night so I can stop sleeping in layers. Today I went with some chicas to Linens-N-Things that’s going out of business and found some Navy Jersey Knit sheets that I just had to have. They were 30% off of $59.99 so I called my mom to make sure that was A. a good price and B. she didn’t already get them for me for Christmas. She confirmed that any set of King Sized sheets under $50 was a really good deal, so I got out my American Express and purchased them.

Right after, we went over to Target because one of my friends was looking for a new bed spread and the first thing I saw when we got to the bedding section was a whole rack of king sized flannel sheets for… (wait for it)… $19.99. I couldn’t believe it. I got out my L&T receipt and saw the fateful words at the bottom: “All sales final. No returns or exchanges”. I couldn’t believe it. I called my mother and she consoled me and told me that mine were probably better…while my friends laughed heartily at my bargain mishap. My wound was furthered afflicted when I saw the Jersey Knit Target Brand sheets and saw they were $27.99- just minutes after I had convinced myself that flannel was just cheaper than the t-shirt material.

Oh Target. Never again will I doubt your low, trendy prices.

$42 or $28, Jersey Knit sheets are my few favorite. Here’s my room newly rearranged with my sweet navy sheets.
I might have also bought a new blue pillow that was $6…

Home sweet dorm. I might have a scarf addiction… as seen by the door.

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