Facts of Life

Once upon a time my father tried to explain to me the “facts of life”– meaning why women enjoy organizing. He explained it as sort of a competition between women as to who can have the cleanest house. As a messy person from childhood, doomed to many a weekend at home as punishment for an untidy bedroom, I never really understood my mother’s desire to buy plastic containers, label makers and things of that sort. Much to my dismay as my sister entered college and soon was engaged and decorating her own living space I found she too had fallen to the organizational whims of my mother. As a new twenty-something I must admit that I too have discovered a new trait in myself… I love to organize. Unlike my father explained, it has nothing to do with who has the cleanest dorm room (I often lose this competition), but there is nothing like getting a crafty, trendy or just plain smart idea that makes your life easier and that is fun to look at. It’s just fun. Sometimes I think I let my room get disastrous just so I can clean it. Is that weird? Probably.

Linens and Things is going out of business and my mom happened to be there today so after church and lunch in Hillsborough with Marshall and his family I met her and we did a little unnecessary shopping. She completely spoiled me. Some of my favorite finds are down below….the rest you will just have to come visit my amazingly homey and trendy dorm room and see the funness (Including pop-out measuring spoons to match the measuring cups I got for my birthday…SCORE).

And in retrospect my father’s interpretation of women is adorable.

These are just really cute shoes I got at Target later…

Beautiful mosaic plate where my phone and wallet will now live

Magnetic organization

Disorganized…yet still contained.

All in all, life is pretty okay. I am way over this semester and all the work and I am ready for a break from Spanish literature next semester. Being 21 is just about the same as being 20 except I feel way older saying it, and people get way excited when I say how old I am. Apparently drinking is a big deal in college… who knew? I think I’ve had more fun since November 4th NOT drinking than ever in my life. My friends are fun people.

And now back to getting ready for what will be one heck of a week…I’m ready for Thanksgiving. I’m actually really ready for Disney World but I’ll settle for some turkey. For now.

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  1. AH…… I have done my job.

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