Cornhuskin’ is over. What a sad feeling. It’s like the day after Christmas. Blah.

However…our skit was phenomenal and went super well. Everything just went so smoothly…we’ll get 1st next year for sure.
Congrats Seniors!

Now…piles and piles of papers and presentations and all kinds of crap that I didn’t do last week.
And I’ve had two venti Caramel Apple Spices from Starbucks in the last 36 hours. I am justifying my whole apple cider addiction with the fact that last fall I was studying abroad sans Starbucks and missed fall completely…it was 90 degrees then 30 all of a sudden. None of the happy medium stuff like we have here. And I might just go to Starbucks again tonight when I go to Harris Teeter.

There’s some lovely Birthday daisies from my wonderful boyfriend. I got this sweet vase at a thrift store a few months ago and am so excited to finally have some real flowers to put in it.

Happy new week– Thanksgiving break…come faster.

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