Obama 08?

Chorale was asked to sing at the Obama Rally today in downtown Raleigh, so myself and 11 other singers made the treck downtown and braved the crazy drivers to sing the national anthem to an anticipated 40,000 people audience. I’m not an Obama fan, but I had never been to a presidential candidate rally, nor sung in front of more than 1,000 people so I figured this would be quite an opportunity.

We were escorted in as VIPs which was super cool and got to hang out with the local politicians, Mayor Bell from Durham, the Mayor of Raleigh (what’s his name again?) and Governor Mike Easley was rumored to be among us. Political affiliations aside, it was a pretty cool experience. Sadly, I missed Mike Huckabee who was also in Raleigh (on Hillsborough Street!) at the same time. We sat on the bleachers directly behind Obama and were given explicit instructions NOT to take pictures while he was talking… but no one followed that rule– including myself. I got some pretty sweet photos, I’m not gonna lie. Even though it was freezing and I was wearing the most uncomfortable black heels I own (why do I still have those?), I don’t deny it was an eye-opening experience. There was a huge group of diverse people there.

I think this time of year its hard to remember that through and through we are all Americans and come November 4th no matter who gets elected, God is in control. Not Obama. Not McCain. Not Palin. Not Biden. God. I’m way more comfortable with that than any of these shady politician dudes. They’re all sketch.

And my favorite quote of the day, “Get your Barack Obama action figure here!!” I almost wet my pants I was laughing so hard.

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