Ring Dinner

I am wearing my onyx and I feel like a grown up. I’ll probably send it in next week to be resized so if I’m gesturing while speaking (which I often do) it doesn’t go flying.

Ring Dinner went off beautifully. It was the most elegant thing I have ever been to. Seriously, I want those girls to plan my wedding. Tickets were super cheap and they ended up under budget. Amazing. Once I get work done I’ll post some pictures.

Stress levels are super high and I’m just trying to get through the next two weeks alive.
I don’t really want to “give up” but I’m thinking with the grown up feeling of having an onyx comes a bit of responsibility of knowing when enough is enough…and I really like getting adequate sleep at night. I’m a lot less crabby and a lot less headachey. Both of which benefit everyone.

Happy Sunday Night.

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