The Ring

I picked up my onyx today. Honestly, it wasn’t all I thought it would be. It’s actually too big, so it slides around and doesn’t fit. I wore it around a lot today (which is actually frowned upon, I should have waited for Ring Dinner friday) just because it felt so awkward I was trying to get used to it. It doesn’t fit on the token right hand ring finger but on my left hand middle finger. I’ve been writing lots of papers and I’m kind of in an essay/deep philosophical thought mood and I’m thinking that my ring perfectly fits me and my relationship with Meredith College. It’s a fit, but it’s not perfect. It’s not life. That comes after.

…and as for the facebook references to “the ring”. No, I am not engaged so stop sending me facebook messages asking and you can stop writing on my mom’s wall asking about a ring. Hopefully when that day comes you won’t find out via facebook.

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  1. Thank You! Your “ring” is beautifulI was really fielding some questions for a while there!

  2. you are so right about meredith not fitting perfectly. I'd have to say that they never will.Btw, Kellie you're adorable ❤

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