Ode to Craig’s List

There once was a futon chair shaped hole in my life
but a man named Chris is moving to Phoenix with his wife
and sold his futon chair to go work for Tazer Inc.
And now I have somewhere comfy to sit and think
Thank you Craig’s list for your services,
even though meeting strangers makes me a bit nervous…
I’m glad that Chris gave me a holler
and I got this sweet futon chair for only fifty dollar.

(at first 50 sounded like a lot to me too, but then I went to Fred’s futons and nice ones like this start at about $400…RIDICULOUS)

Now whenever I find my sewing machine pedal I will finally make those cute orange pillows for it….

2 Comments Add yours

  1. YAY NEW FUTON!!! it’s super cute and I cannot wait to sit in it!

  2. Em says:

    I think you also have an Emily-themed-blog–shaped hole in your life. maybe. I mean, possibly not, your call…..

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