Out with the old and in with the new…


Okay, so bulletin boards are pretty much my favorite part of being an RA. Okay, maybe not my favorite part, but I really enjoy making them. Last month we had a bulletin board contest and there were three winners, all of which had $25 added to their budget for the semester. The theme was a drunk driving awareness event called “Think If You’re Going to Drink” and I won most creative with my giant martini glass. I also had little random calorie counts and info on the board about different things….but I think the giant wooden dowel toothpick did the trick. Originally, I had a brain as one of the olives but people couldn’t tell what it was until I told them…so I just traded it for another olive. Think…Brain…I thought it was a good idea. Oh well.

This month I wanted to do something to encourage people to vote so I decided to do a little play on the “Rock the Vote” campaign…

Rock the 19th Amendment! It’s a women’s college…so it works.
And for real. Vote. or DIE.
Honestly, depending on who gets elected…we might die anyways.
…and on that positive note, have a great weekend.

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