The Light and Sweet October

I can officially see the light at the end of the tunnel. And by tunnel I mean undergraduate career. This is 4 semesters that I can work with. No more than 14 hours senior year (including Chorale and a PE. Saweet.) I’ll be meeting with someone in the school of education Friday to discuss my plan for student teaching in the Fall of 2010 and then I’ll be officially official. Well, I’ll be really officially official after November once I get stuff planned/finalized for Costa Rica (OMGOSH SO EXCITED) but by December I should be on a clear beaten path of studies for the rest of my undergraduate life at Meredith College. Anyone else feel like I just started at Meredith College? Yeah, me too.

How about last night at Cornhuskin’ practice, Louisa made a statement that “we are almost done” and I cried.

The crying may have also been due to the fact that it’s been a tumultuous week. Things are going pretty okay inspite of it all. I had a super productive morning and did lots of things I should have done ages ago (ie; turned in my School of Education essay and mailed my income tax forms…again). The upcoming weeks are going to be insanely busy (Ring Dinner in 23 days and Cornhuskin’ in 1 month and 6 days) with classes, I had several papers assigned this week. It’s definitely fall and I’m definitely at school. That is for sure. Happy October all.

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  1. I am insanely proud of you!

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