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  1. Em says:

    I love how I really know that you definitely say that. Bueno. I say “este….” or is it “esde”? I don’t really know how to spell it. And now I say vale. All. The. Time. Even some times now when I’m speaking in English. Vale.And I don;’t know if it’s the same in Alicante, but here they say hasta luego all the time, but it’s like really gutteral on the g. lueghho.vale.hasta luegghho.

  2. Em says:

    Oh, and i’m glad that you gusta that I’m your blog friend. partly just because i gusta you, too. and partly because I’ve just left you like 59 comments.oh, and your linksies says i’m in madrid. but i’m aktyooally in Pamplona. Just so you ka-now. (:

  3. Em says:

    I think I kind of love commenting back and forth on blogs as if they were facebook or something. and that you apparently still use the term da bomb. which is about as outdated as the cat’s pajamas.did you see the pants that are like harem pants, where the crotch is down to the knees or lower? Guess who bought some. mmhmmm.

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