Flan is my Favorite Food

The title is because I am in two literature classes and have been analyzing a lot of poetry this past month and I have tropos in my head…like aliteración.

Anywho, La Tertulia (the Spanish club on campus) is having a bake sale today in the student center and I told them I knew how to make flan (I mean, I did make it twice in my life….)– so I made flan. I only had one muffin pan so I just made 12 little flans and they taste DELICIOUS but look a little…chunky. I’m pretty sure chunky is not an adjective for a dessert that will sell well at a bake sale. However, when my 11 o’clock class is over I will be going back to the bake sale to probably buy one of my little flans because when I was getting them out of the muffin pan one broke so I ate it, and it was muy deliciosa. F’real.

I think it turned out a little weird because I had to make it Monday night because I had ZERO free time last night and so it was refrigerated a whole like 36 hours….

moral of the story: never judge a flan by it’s chunks.
And also, Junior year is way stressful and way expensive.

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  1. never judge a flan by it’s chunks… you are so funny!

  2. Em says:

    i mean, there’s chunky munky ice cream, isn’t there? just don’t call it something like chunky fanny flan, because in the UK fanny means vagina. true story. and a little inappropriate, sorry…. (:i haven’t read your blog for a while (which word i almost just spelled lob…yay typing too fast) and i am enjoying it thouroghly. thouroly. thoughrily. maybe it’s time to actually use the spell check to figure out how to spell that right. thoroughly. poop, why is there an extra “r” in the middle? must be a fwench word.

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