Something tells me everything is gonna be alright.

I dropped Edu 241. Best decision all semester.
So the class hasn’t even started yet but I can tell the added work in October would be way too much.
…and I’m trying to stay afloat.

English is a joke, Math has too many assignments, Chorale is just…weird, Religion is a snoozefest with unnecessary quizzes and my Spanish classes are phenomenal. Spanish Seminar is so intense. It’s basically just an organized conversation in Spanish and we are graded on our participation in the conversation. We have different topics each week, last week was Latin American music and this week is being a Woman and self esteem issues. We have like 4 native Spanish speakers and I barely get a word in edgewise. Ever. Tomorrow I plan to be more active..grammar mistakes and all. I’d rather get poor marks in grammar than no marks because I didn’t talk.

I am ready for Christmas break and my credit cards to be paid off.

The Lord is so faithful.
I, however, need to work on that.
Try harder. DO WORK.
Little by little it’ll be alright. All, all, right.

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  1. Mits says:

    Este blog ha sido eliminado por un administrador de blog.

  2. Courtney says:

    I hear you Kellie. Everything will be all right.

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