Behold, my next camera purchase-to-be: Nikon d40. It’s a sweeeet DSLR and very modestly priced.

I applied for a credit card at circuit city, they have a year-same-as-cash deal for cameras. I applied online, but I wasn’t immediately approved so I had to call Chase and verify my identity over the phone. The woman who took my call had the thickest accent ever and to verify my identity I had to tell whether or not I knew some people whose names she said. The names they chose were Ellen Boyd, which is my dad’s stepmother’s maiden name….how I was supposed to know that I will never know. She also pronounced it like “e-Layn” and I really didn’t know anyone named Elaine, so I said I didn’t know this person and thus I was rejected for the credit card. Which means I have to wait a couple paychecks until I can get it. What a fun day that will be.

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