Catch up!
Life has been intense. So many things going on, going crazy, going fast…gotta love it.
Well this is my favorite Chinese Restaurant. Mary and I went one night to get some sweet and sour chicken and they are hiring people! yay!

The next night I had another hankering for sweet and sour chicken, so Lindsay, Carolyn and I decided to order some food to be delivered to Meredith. Apparently it was a really busy night and it took over an hour for our food to get to us. Lindsay and I waited outside, thinking that every car that was coming was our food coming to us and finally a taxi drove up to the front circle. A man with a very thick Jamaican accent asked “Did you order some chinese food?”. He told us that they were really busy and so his friend at Shanghai Express asked him if he could drop off our food on his way.

That was probably the funniest way I have ever gotten Chinese food. That’s all I’m saying.

And lots of other fun things have gone down since…
I’m going to be a counselor for an English Immersion program this summer for Taiwanese kids and I am pumped! I’ll be at Artventures for three weeks then at FuHsing for three weeks then Marshall and I are going to the beach to visit my grandparents. Yay. Funnest summer I’ve had since I was like fourteen, I’m pretty sure.

This has been a really stinky semester, I’m so glad that I am three papers and one final away from ending it. And really, it’s only like one paper and two pages because I’m almost done with two of them. Sweet.

God is merciful. There is nothing more I could ask for.

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