I can’t believe that seven months ago I was freaking out because I was about to go to Spain.

Seems like a dream.
I would love to have a siesta on the beach right now.
Have a gofre, or a kebap and complain about all my tarea (which was clearly a joke compared to this crap I have this semester).
Chill on the beach. In the sun. No pasa nada.
Siesta on the beach until the sun goes down.
Then take the smelly number 3 to my door, and hand sanitizer any part of me that touched anything on the bus.
Go upstairs, have a warm sandwich and glass of colacao, talk politics with Isabel and Paco and then sleep for like 13 hours.
Miss that no pasa nada.
And the time for napping.
Summer hurry up. K, thanks.

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