9 days and $150

Hello single digits.

Today at 11 (instead of Camino class, woo!) we had a little festival thing with the Spanish students to kind of wrap up the program. It was really fun, the Grammar and Coloquial classes put together little skits in Spanish making fun of the Spanish culture. So hilarious. Basically the major things that we made fun of were the incessant “VALE! VENGA! STALUEGOS!”, the fact that Spanish moms think that when you say you’re hungry that means that you haven’t eaten in days and three sandwiches are necessary for your morning snack, and PDA is all out in the open (and mullets are in right now so this weekend Natalie and I took Andrew to Claire’s and bought him a hair extension to make a rat tail. It was sick. Mark my words, if I ever have a boy he will always be clean cut and never, EVER will he have anything that resembles a rat tail.) The film classes made short films (I’m in the process of getting ours on youtube to share…I’m hoping they all get on there so I can show peeps at home. So good.) and the gastronomy class made food but there wasn’t enough for everyone. Natalie made chocolate cake and I got some of that. Yay homies. They also made a cute little video about the semester with film clips (including some of us singing at Thanksgiving, once I get a copy I will blog that junk). It made lots of people cry. I didn’t. I’m ready to leave. It was super cute though. At the end it had all the directors holding up signs (like the scene in love actually you know?) with like “we will miss you etc.” on them. And they played Mariah Carey’s All I want for Christmas for dramatic effect. It worked. I’m really thankful for my time here and the people I’ve met, but I think I’m too in love with home to be sad to leave here.

Anywho, I didn’t bring my computer today because (I just realized I’ve been sitting in the library for 20 minutes with my headphones on and they aren’t plugged into my iPod. Que brilliante, yo soy.) I have no real class. I’m pretty sure we’re watching a movie in my 4 o’clock so I’m killing time in the library on the computers and decided to actually read one of the million emails I get from Target.com. Oh sweet 7.1MP Canon Powershot is on sale for $150 and FREE SHIPPING. It has literally everything I could ever want in a digital (besides the SLR factor, but we’ve established I’m not pro enough for a Camera that pro) and Canons are so good. So good. Here take a gander:

• Point & Shoot Digital Camera Compatible with MultiMediaCard (M)
• 7.1MP for Extreme Cropping and Poster-Size Prints
• 2.5″ LCD Screen Features Color TFT Display, LCD Screen
• 4x Optical Zoom for Snapshots and Vacation Photos; 4x Digital Zoom for Minor Cropping
• Shooting Modes: Manual, LCD Gridlines, Continuous Shooting (Burst), Movie Mode with Sound, 1-Touch Printing, Automatic Shooting Mode; 32MB Memory Storage Capacity
• Still Shot Modes: Pet, Landscape, Party/Indoor, Automatic Shooting Mode, Underwater, Snow, Manual Shooting Mode, Beach, Kids, Foliage, Night Portrait, Portrait
• Lens-Focus Features: Face-Priority Auto Focus, Auto Focus
• Additional Functions: Video Capture
• Image Editing: Red-eye Removal, Auto Image Rotation, In-Camera Cropping, Image Resizing, Image Rotation; Movie Modes: VGA-Quality Movie Recording
• Flash Modes: Auto On/Off
• File Format Compatibility: AVI File Format, PictBridge
• White Balance: Cloudy, Daylight, Fluorescent H, Custom, Tungsten, Fluorescent, Automatic for Adjusting Light
• Also Includes Wrist Strap, Manual, External Memory Card, Batteries, A/V Cable, CD-ROM, USB Cable
• 3.59 x 2.52 x 1.70 “

Did that say underwater? I think it did.
Don’t worry, I know not to go swimming with it.

Maybe I’ll wait until I get home to make a decision, there’s a possibility I might can get a new kodak. Natalie my motorola engineer friend says that the problems I’m having with my kodak are not sand induced (she’s pretty sure) and it might just be a factory electrical problem which means I might could get a new one since I’m within my year warranty.

Oh home in nine days.
I can practically feel the boyfriend hug and taste the sweet tea.

4 Comments Add yours

  1. please tell me you cut and pasted that

  2. Catie Mae says:

    9 days 9 days!!! ahhhh!!!!so stoked.

  3. Jesse says:

    when you get back will you hit your mariah note for me? ppleeeasse???

  4. ~Hilary~ says:

    Im so glad that youre coming back in 9 days…. 9 days!

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