So I vowed to myself that I would only blog AFTER I studied for my final tomorrow, and I studied all day long so blogging (and fries from Burger King) is my reward.

Last Sunday, Jasmine, our new friend Winnie and I went to this church, Iglesia Evangél Cristo Vive (Evangelical Church Christ Lives..more or less) about 2 or 3 miles from my house. It was so awesome. It was a lot longer than any service I’ve ever been to in the states, from 11-1:30pm. We sang probably a dozen songs throughout the service, their band is awesome. It’s very contemporary, and the songs were super easy to understand. The sermon was a little more difficult, but I took note of lots of words I didn’t know that I will hopefully have time to look up later on this week. They have a Saturday night service for young people so Jas, Winnie and I are going to check that out next week.

So being the American tourist I am I took lots of pictures at church. In my defense, it was youth sunday so lots of mommies and daddies had their cameras too so I wasn’t being completely rude…

I took some video too of the youth doing some sweet salsa flamenco dance thing. I’ll post that tomorrow probably, I’m going to bed sooooon….

the albino, the african and the asian.
awesome. 🙂 The Lord is so good. Thanks for all your prayerrsss!

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  1. Marshall says:

    Who’s the sad lady in the background?

  2. God is exceedingly good! thank you for being my child

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  4. Este comentario ha sido eliminado por el autor.

  5. ~Hilary~ says:

    glad you found a church… I just started this blog thingymajig… pretty nifty…. Miss you!

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