Familia Matters

Here is a lovely picture of my Spain parents and I. Sadly, my sisters couldn’t make it to the movie tonight. After my first couple of days I asked them what kind of free stuff there was to do in Alicante (dude, Europe is expensive) and the next day they came home with free tickets to the movies and some free tickets to a concert next week at the University. My padres have the hook up.

Paco is a retired police officer and I’m not sure if Isabel ever worked, or does work, or I don’t know. She’s a pretty rad madre, the house is always spotless, the food is always foodlike and my room is always clean. Some of you who have lived with me know that I am not always the most organized person in the world…but I am in Isa’s house. 🙂

They are so hardcore about me learning Spanish. Everyday at lunch usually ends up in some sort of Spanish lesson for Kellie. It begins with them asking me how to stay stuff in English, and then Carlos (my sister Anabel’s husband) will say something in English with his thick Spanish accent and I have to guess what he’s saying. I’m pretty good at this game. The best is when I teach them a word in English and pronounce it with Spanish phonetics. Carlos said that I am a Spanish machine. I really like Carlos.

The first picture up there is a pretty guapo picture of Paco. He is probably the cutest little Spanish man in the world. He was very excited about the popcorn.

And you probably can’t tell from the other picture, but Spanish movie theaters are HUGE. Like, iMax huge. Crazy city.

Today we received our schedules for the regular class schedule. I have Advanced Grammar II (I hate grammar. I’m not really sure why I signed up for that), a politics course on terrorism in Europe, Spanish Literature and Film, and the Camino de Santiago Course.

So I wasn’t planning on taking the Camino class because it has an extra fee of $400. However, my wonderful boyfriend informed me of a letter from my employer saying that I had a paycheck for that amount waiting for me in downtown Durham…so I’m gonna do the Camino de Santiago course. It’s basically a Spanish history class with a week long backpacking trip the last week in October. Umm…I’m kind of stoked. My schedule is okay. I have weird breaks in between classes that isn’t quite long enough to go home for lunch so I think I’ll be eating a lot of bocadillas (packed lunch. yum).

The Lord is so good. I am so blessed to have the opportunity to learn Spanish (from the best) and when I come home, it will be Christmas. Which is only the GREATEST time of year ever. Aside from the fact that everyone I love is so so so so so so far away, I’d say that life is pretty okay.

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  1. Kellie, how very blessed you are, so excited to get to see your family, please tell them for me how gratefulI am that they are taking such good care of you. Love you so, miss you more!

  2. this was the best post ever!! spain city sounds amazing and i wish i could be there with you goofing off at the beach all the time : )the parents sound amazing and i laughed heartily when i read that your room was always clean 😉btw, the wine face below is priceless… guess we wont be doing that when we turn 21!can’t wait for you to come back and teach me amazing spanish things!Glad that God is being ever so gracious to you…YOU”RE IN MY PRAYERS, LOVE YOU

  3. Catie Mae says:

    hehe bocadillas that makes me gigglepromise me u’ll tell ur spanish padres the whale joke…and then apologzie for american’s lack of intelligence haha whatev that joke is uh-mazingi miss you!!!! and your nose ring problem…that’s weird. u should get that checked out.

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